April 26, 2019

What To Know Before Reading Zero Turn Mower Reviews

Facts You Should Consider Before Reading The Best Zero Turn Mowers Reviews

The moment you decide to buy a mower, it becomes necessary to search for information so you can not only ensure you have the best lawn mower to suit your needs but so that you can get the best zero turn mower for the money.

Typically, the first place to start is to read as many reviews as you can.

Best Commercial ZT Mower

A 27 HP engine coupled with a 66″ wide cutting deck provides commercial users with the speed needed to mow large areas of land in a few hours. Read full review

Best ZT Residential Mower

The 19 HP Kohler V Twin powers a large 42″ cutting deck making this Poulan Pro an ideal zero turn mower for small to medium-sized residential yards. Read full review

Best ZT Mower Under $5000

Husqvarna have taken a 25 HP engine to power a 54″ cutting deck  to create a zt mower that packs a powerful punch at an affordable price. All for under $5000. Read full review

What Is A Zero – Turn – Mower?

A zero turn – mower is designed to be a riding – lawn mower. Regardless of the numerous brands and models, what identifies a mower as a zero turn – mower is its ability to make a turning radius that is equal to zero.

This can be achieved in a variety of ways with the most common method being the hydraulic – speed – control of – each wheel.

Though they are more costly than conventional riding – mowers which have steerable – front wheels, top rated zero turn mowers are designed to drive faster.

Depending on the size of your lawn, a zero turn – mower is available for homeowner or commercial use.

The engine power options vary as well as their fuel type, size of cutting deck, and price. It is typical to find two throttles in place of a steering wheel although some of them are driven using a joystick.

Current models come with four wheels made up of two large tires found in the back and two small tires which swivel in front.

The back tires are capable of rotating in opposite directions because they are independent of each other.

Top Selling Zero Turn Mowers

Below are our most popular zero turn mowers:

  1. Cub Cadet RZt 42″
  2. Ariens Zoom 42″
  3. John Deere Z355R 48 “

Cub Cadet RZT 42"

Cud Cadet use a 688 cc Honda GXV630 Series twin cylinder engine to power a 42″ cutting deck on this top seller. Great for residential & commercial use. Read full review

Ariens Zoom 42"

The 19 HP Kohler 6000 series engine enables this Poulan Pro zero turn mower to handle any terrain, making it ideal for all homeowners and commercial users alike. Read full review

John Deere Z355R 48"

The Z355R boasts a 22 HP V-twin John Deere branded engine which provides speeds of up to 7mph. This ZT mower is popular in many different deck sizes. Read full review

How To Drive A ZT Mower

Driving a ZTR – mower is not too different from steering a shopping cart, really.

However, this mower which looks intimidating to drive can be mastered quite easily once you mow a lawn with it after a few times.

The moment you get comfortable with the throttles it becomes easy to drive.

  • To move forward, you will have to push the handles of the throttles forward.
  • When you pull the throttles back, a ZTR mower reverses easily.
  • Making a right turn is a breeze if you just push the left handle forward.
  • A left turn requires that the right handle be pushed forward.
  • Pulling the throttles back to neutral brings this mower to a halt.
  • You are able to drive along a straight line as long as you apply the same amount of pressure to both levers.

Why You Might Need a Zero Turn – Mower

Zero turn – mowers offer its users lots of benefits which is why they invest in it. Notable among the benefits are:

  • They Save Time: This is a wonderful benefit since you can do something else with the time saved. You will appreciate this more if your lawn is large.
  • Easy To Handle: There is no need for a learning curve with this mower that is easy to handle following the simplicity of its throttles.
  • Maneuverable: With a turning radius of zero, it makes it easy for you to mow the entire lawn as quickly as possible. This ability also makes it possible for you to cut closely around flowerbeds and other obstacles.

What To Look For In Reviews

An expert on zero turn mowers will provide reviews of many different models without bias.  In order to know if the review that you are reading has been written by an expert, here are some things to look for in reviews.

Full Specs or Biased Talk?

Do they offer full spec information or are they just trying to push their own lawn mowers?

read only honest reviewsAs a result, you need to read reviews with a mind that is alert to uncovering any ploy used by a biased reviewer to push their own lawn mowers.

Your interest lies in getting the best zero turn mower for your specific needs. So, a lawn mower that is great for one person may not be suitable for another.

With an alert mind, it will not be difficult for you to spot such a ploy.

For instance, when emphasis is placed on a particular zero turn mower and why you should pick it ahead of the others, it becomes pretty obvious that the whole point of the review is to push that particular zero turn mower.

Is There a Wide Selection Of Mowers Included?

This is another important question to ask yourself if you do not want to be misled into buying a zero turnmower that will not give you the satisfaction you need.

A review of a wide selection of mowers is highly likely to be genuine.

To begin with, it does not focus on a particular zero turn – mower.

Second, the fact that it covers a wide selection of mowers offers you an opportunity to gain insights into the pros and cons associated with the zero turn – mowers under review.

After reading such reviews, you will be in a good position to make the best choice.

Do They Highlight the Bad As Well As The Good?

No matter how well a zero turn mower is designed, it definitely has a bad side.

Every product has pros and cons.

pros and consJust like anything that you buy a manufacturer cannot make a product that does all things for all people.

An unbiased review should point out the cons as well as the pros of a zero turn mower even in the smaller details because there may be a weak point in the mower’s design that makes it a bad choice for you.

Alternatively, even the smallest of “pro” points could make a specific model an ideal choice for you even if that “pro” makes very little difference to most other users.

Do not buy into a review which focuses on only the good side of a zero turn mower.

Such reviews are typically made to push the sale of a mower more than anything else and should be disregarded.

Are There Different Types of Mowers For Different Types Of Users?

Reviews are supposed to provide an understanding of how a zero turn mower works.

Are different types of mowers reviewedIt helps readers identify the features which will make them prefer to acquire a zero turn mower model over the others.

Considering that different types of users read reviews on zero turn mowers, a quality review should offer reviews of the various types of mowers.

If you find this lacking, there is no point in taking such a review serious because it will not provide the answers you need.

As long as you consider all the fine points listed above, you will not make a mistake in your choice of a zero turn mower that will help you cut your lawn beautifully as quickly as possible

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